Wednesday, October 28, 2009


GOP Run Amok in Arizona

Blue Collar Muse has the story out of Maricopa County, one in a disturbing trend of recent Republican episodes that tend to fly in the face of liberty and freedom. This one involves blogging and First Amendment rights, which makes it a bit more troubling even than the NRSC's taking sides against conservative Marco Rubio in Florida or the NY-23 dust-up going on now involving Doug Hoffman. Those were deals involving political ideology (specifically conservatism). This Arizona mess seems more about pure free speech and the threat of going after professional licenses and reputations if someone dares defy members of the GOP in Maricopa County.

As with most threats against bloggers, though, I bet this one comes back and bites the perpetrators in the butt. People don't tend to react well when, after you pick up the torches and pitchforks to start the lynching, someone notices that the torch is actually the U.S. Constitution set ablaze.

Chilling effect, indeed...



Red State Update: The Conservative Bible

Jackie and Dunlap take a walk on the heretical side.

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"Bring on Your Wrecking Ball..."

This is by far the busiest time of the year for me. Having tracked court activity for several years now, it's become apparent that my work in the courts kicks up a notch (which, especially this year, is hard to believe) between Labor Day and a few days before Christmas. With the recession (that will continue until jobs are actually created instead of lost, despite the claims of Obama's liberal economists) having enhanced poverty in this country, the amount of cases that we have accepted through appointment in the courts to assist indigent men, women, and children have kept us scrambling, for sure.

However, it's also a busy time on a personal level. Angela has now passed the 26-week mark for the new youngun, and the nursery isn't anywhere near finished. Also, this is the difficult scheduling time of year when UT's football season overlaps with UT's basketball season. This week, for instance, has both a basketball game on Friday night and a football game on Saturday night. Plus there's the holidays, which always adds a degree of difficulty in coordination.

One particular night, though, is very much on my to-do list. On November 18th, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are playing Nashville's Sommet Center, and my wife - knowing that I had a chance to see Bruce in Chicago in 1999 but did not due to lack of funds and that I would use the same excuse again this time around - not only insisted on purchasing tickets but also mandated that she was coming with me (even though Bruce isn't exactly her cup of tea). We have seats in the 1st row of the mezzanine right next to the stage, but there are still general admission floor tickets still available as of Wednesday morning, if you are so inclined to join the festivities. Plus, since this show was rescheduled from earlier this year, Bruce has stated that it will be a special "Born to Run" show, meaning that the entire "Born to Run" album will be included in the middle portion of the show.

I can't wait. Bruce, who turned 60 a few weeks back, puts on one of the greatest shows, but he won't be around forever. Everyone hits their own wrecking ball. Writing of which, Bruce penned a new song for this tour, which he played this month as Bruce and Band closed out the Meadowlands in Jersey and the Spectrum in Philly on consecutive weekends, both of which are set for demolition in short order. Below is a clip from "Wrecking Ball" (thanks to for linking to the video).

Bruce Springsteen performs his new song Wrecking Ball at Giants Stadium

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Out of My Element This Weekend

So, the UT football team has a bye week this weekend. No one was happier than my lovely wife, who was able to talk me into attending her reunion at Vanderbilt University.

Not knowing what to expect when hanging around the financial elites, I solicited advice from my network of friends as to how to survive this weekend, which, I dare say, is probably a little different from the blasty blast reunions at the University of Tennessee.

I was shocked at what I was sent. Take a look at what awaits me this weekend, courtesy of a Duke alum.

Egads. That truly is scary.

At least (assuming I survive the "football game" between a team that lost to Army last week and a team that got beaten like it's mascot had run into Michael Vick) there is something to look forward to. Box seats for Dane Cook at the Sommet Center on Saturday night should be a fun time.

Pray for me, Vol fans. Pray that I return from Nashville with my Wranglers on, pick-up truck in working order, and conservative values intact.

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Red State Update: Obama's Prize

Jackie and Dunlap offer commentary on why Obama wasn't deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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