Wednesday, October 28, 2009


GOP Run Amok in Arizona

Blue Collar Muse has the story out of Maricopa County, one in a disturbing trend of recent Republican episodes that tend to fly in the face of liberty and freedom. This one involves blogging and First Amendment rights, which makes it a bit more troubling even than the NRSC's taking sides against conservative Marco Rubio in Florida or the NY-23 dust-up going on now involving Doug Hoffman. Those were deals involving political ideology (specifically conservatism). This Arizona mess seems more about pure free speech and the threat of going after professional licenses and reputations if someone dares defy members of the GOP in Maricopa County.

As with most threats against bloggers, though, I bet this one comes back and bites the perpetrators in the butt. People don't tend to react well when, after you pick up the torches and pitchforks to start the lynching, someone notices that the torch is actually the U.S. Constitution set ablaze.

Chilling effect, indeed...


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