Thursday, July 13, 2006


U.S. Senate Debate in Knoxville Tonight

Those in the Knoxville area will want to remember the debate tonight. Rumor has it that Bob Corker will actually show for this one since it isn't being carried via television to all parts of Tennessee and is sponsored by entities that either support him because of their liberal tendencies (the League of Women Voters) or because he has bought their souls (the Knoxville News-Sentinel and WNOX). It's amazing that Corker was able to perform so poorly during the last Knoxville debate with the deck stacked so much in his favor, especially with the political geniuses at the Metro Pulse involved.

(Did everyone see that the Metro Pulse, on the heels of telling all of the Knoxville liberals who read their birdcage liner to vote on the wrong day, didn't know that Jimmy Duncan has primary opposition? That's quite amazing since Ralph McGill has campaigned for the primary and Duncan has chosen not to do so. It's just another example of the amateur hour that passes for liberal political knowledge here in Knoxville.)

In any case, I will be at West High School tonight for the 7:00 P.M. debate. If you can't attend, I hope you are able to tune in to WBIR to watch. With early voting beginning tomorrow, it should be quite a show.

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