Friday, July 07, 2006


Metro Pulse: The Newspaper for Idiots

In reading the Tennessee Politics Blog, I was pointed to an editorial that stated that Bob Corker (yes, the same Bob Corker who is scared to debate Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary) won the first Knoxville debate.

That's hilarious. I don't see how even the most ardent Corker supporter could write that, but I guess I should take into consideration that this is the Metro Pulse we are talking about and they know liberals.

One thing is for certain - Barry Henderson, the Metro Pulse's senior political guru and one of the panelists at the debate, delivered what had to be one of the worst performances by a panelist in American debating history. I was confused as to if Henderson had never been to a debate, never seen a debate, or didn't know that he was attending a debate. His questions were as broad as a UT lineman's shoulders and so ignorant as to what was occurring in the nation and in this race that you almost had to assume that he had been living in another country for the past two years.

To show off all of the political knowledge concentrated in the editorial brain trust of the Metro Pulse, I give you a quote from the final paragraph of the epic editorial:

"If Bob Corker doesn't win the nomination, it will be because of some other, unforeseen issue that arises before the Aug. 7 primary election."

Uh, what?

August 7th?

Yeah, Barry and other Metro Pulse editors, tell all of your liberal brethren to get out and vote for Bob Corker on August 7th. Of course, by then, Ed Bryant will be the GOP nominee, his supporters having shown up to vote for the election on August 3rd.

Way to disenfranchise the liberal vote, Metro Pulse! You can expect a visit from Jesse Jackson any day now.

While you're at it, Metro Pulse, make sure to tell all of your liberal readers to make sure they vote Democratic on Election Day, December 7th. Vote late, vote often!

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