Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Corker's Contribution to Tennessee

It seems that raising the taxes of his fellow Tennesseans isn't the only mark Bob Corker is leaving on the state. He is also attracting national attention for his cowardice.

This from Congressional Quarterly's update on select state elections:

Tennessee Senate: GOP debate canceled after Bob Corker declines to participate, the AP reports; afterward, man in chicken costume shows up at Corker campaign headquarters, according to WTVF-TV.

Gee, thanks, Bob. That's one of the high points in our statehood.

Thanks for showing Tennesseans what you really mean when your mama says, "Corkers always keep their word."

Apparently, it means that you will say and do anything to get yourself elected.

Whether it's buying media, buying endorsements, or trying to hide the real you from the voters of Tennessee, your acts do nothing to make the Republican Party stronger.

That leads to two hilarious quotes in today's Johnson City Press. The first involves growing the party.

After a few laughs, Corker reassured those in attendance that he was trying to run a campaign that would “grow” the Republican party.

“We’ve already knocked on 52,000 doors statewide and growing,” he said.

How does knocking on the doors of Republican walk lists "grow the Republican Party?" The only way you may grow the party, Mr. Corker, is through the same way that bovines help fields grow.

The next quote is even better.

“The reason I’m doing what I’m doing is because I believe this country is facing some of the most complex issues it has ever faced and I believe I have the fortitude and the backbone to face those issues head-on.”

HA! Yes, Mr. Corker, you have shown what "fortitude and backbone" you have by running away from Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary in Nashville and beyond. You have shown what "fortitude and backbone" you have by failing to release your tax returns besides numerous calls for you to do so. You have shown what "fortitude and backbone" you have by refusing to release records of your subcontractors so that you can keep your support of illegal immigration under the rug.

That's not the kind of backbone I want from my Senator. Tennessee deserves better than you, Mr. Corker.

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