Thursday, January 05, 2012


Red State Update: Iowa Caucus Report

Well, who could have foreseen those results from Iowa a couple of weeks back? Despite average to below average debate performances and having done nothing of real note except for participate in Iowa evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats' pay-for-pay scheme that "earned" Santorum the endorsement of several Iowa Christian religious leaders, Rick Santorum rolls out of Iowa with the most personal political relevance since he turned his back on Pennsylvania conservatives and worked for Arlen Specter's re-election.

Meanwhile, Bachmann does something that I can't remember ever happening - going from Ames Straw Poll winner to last amongst the active Iowa campaigns at the caucuses. Sure, her debate performances were uneven, but they weren't significantly worse than Santorum's - surely not worth twenty-points worse.

Perry comes out of Iowa not only disappointed, but significantly confused. Why on earth did he seem to signal his exit from the field Tuesday night, saying that he was returning to Texas instead of continuing on to South Carolina? Maybe it's just this experienced guy's opinion, but if it had been my call, I would have put a contrite but strong Rick Perry out in front of the cameras, shown that my candidate was a fighter and that he was going to carry the fight to South Carolina. Go all-in in the Palmetto State. Fight for Bachmann's supporters while courting Gingrich's unorganized crowd in the hopes that he straps on a figurative suicide bomb in his anger and tries to destroy Romney in a quixotic charge in New Hampshire. Stem Santorum's rise in South Carolina, where Santorum has no organization and has not campaigned with regularity. Come out of South Carolina in the top-two, marginalize Paul, and say that you are the candidate for the Anti-Romney movement. But what do I know...

I'll let Jackie and Dunlap from Red State Update take it from here on the Iowa wrap-up:

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