Tuesday, February 16, 2010


NRCC Slams Herron on Pro-Income Tax Stance

Roy Herron, who never met a race that he didn't think he should be a part of (even his campaign website is a little lacking on what race he's in - at least it says that he's running for Congress now), is being taken to task by the National Republican Congressional Committee for his previous pro-income tax stance.

Well, in all truth, they're ridiculing him for lying when asked about the state income tax on camera. But let's face it - they're really stamping him as "pro-income tax," which is more unforgivable in Tennessee than having been a part of the Sundquist Administration.

Good to see the NRCC starting early on this race. Herron is a strong adversary in the 8th with his mounds and mounds of cash.

Here's the ad:


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