Thursday, August 28, 2008


RedState to McCain: Make Cantor Your VP

The Directors of RedState - who, much like Reagan's "Big Tent" GOP, are all Republicans but do not come close to being cut from the same ideological cloth - penned a letter to John McCain on Wednesday afternoon asking him to select Rep. Eric Cantor from Virginia as his Vice Presidential nominee.

Coming from a power like RedState, this is a big deal. Maybe they read my post yesterday and decided to join in. (Just kidding, although they have been known to stop by VOLCon in the past.)

There is a sudden drumbeat for Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas. While I am very supportive of a female on the ticket, I'm not hot of Hutchison. She's dry as Elwood's toast and decidedly pro-choice in a party that has declared pro-life as part of its platform. Besides, I, like most everyone else, was under the impression that she was very interested in changing addresses from the U.S. Senate to Austin's Governor's Mansion.

Go with Cantor, Senator McCain, or find someone like him. Just remember that the clock is ticking and Friday morning is just around the corner.


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