Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Is a Conservative Joining the McCain Ticket?

Could the man in the middle be the next Vice President of the the United States?

Late yesterday afternoon, delegates and media were provided with the breakdown of speakers for next week's Republican National Convention. I have been waiting for that list, because it's standard thought that you can pick an unnamed VP nominee by examining that list - not as much as for who is on it but for who is not.

Many candidates whom I would qualify as "highly desirable" for conservatives are still in play by looking at the Convention agenda. Of particular note is the absence of Eric Cantor, Congressman from the swing state of Virginia, Chief Deputy Republican Whip in the House, and the kind of young, strong conservative that nicely balances the maverick McCain.

Is Cantor the answer to the million dollar question? We'll know in a few days, but I'm starting to think he may be. I may be arriving at that conclusion with my heart and not my head, but it certainly is a possibility. Maybe I'm reaching for proof here, but one could interpret the hiring a few months back of the highly regarded Matt Lira to run McCain's Internet efforts as a sign. Lira's previous job? He was the e-guru for Congressman Eric Cantor.

I'm just saying...


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There's even a website devoted to Cantor's cause.

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