Friday, August 22, 2008


Baldwin Bashes Pro-Life McCain

Chuck Baldwin, presidential nominee for the Constitution Party, says that Republicans who think that John McCain is pro-life are crazy.

Well, color me nuts then.

I'm not a John McCain fan. Not in the least. I do believe that he wore out Barrack Obama at Rick Warren's event. (To say that I was shocked at how well McCain did and how horrible Obama was would be a dramatic understatement.)

However, I have no qualms with McCain's pro-life stances. He's solidly pro-life, and while there are dozens of other topics for conservatives to question John McCain, the pro-life issue is not one of them.

And, in reading Baldwin's article, it is sadly apparent that he has a weak understanding of how our system of government works. That's sad, because, as I have said here before, I thought he could be a good candidate. Unfortunately, the Constitution Party is incredibly unorganized, and if it can't break into this particular presidential race, then it might as well dissolve and start over from scratch.

Sorry, Pastor Baldwin, but I need a conservative in the White House who understands how our system of government works. You would do no good if you don't know how to work within the system to achieve your goals. I need Ronald Reagan, not Don Quixote.

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IMHO Chuck Baldwin knows full well how our government works/is working. He also knows the difference in regards to how it was meant to be/designed to be run. I don't know why you say his campaign is disorganized. All I see is that it is facing the difficult hurdles the two dominant parties have put in place to discourage the rise of a third dominant party. His campaign isn't disorganized. It simply faces harder hurdles.
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