Thursday, May 01, 2008


Hagen Looks to be Democratic Nominee in North Carolina

It was noted here earlier this year that it appeared that Kay Hagan was the leading candidate for the Democrats to take on Senator Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina.

Recent polling seems to back that up. According to a story in the Winston-Salem Journal, Hagan is up by a whopping 28-points over her closest rival, liberal homosexual Jim Neal. This doesn't surprise me, as Neal's first campaign salvos screamed, "I'm gay. Vote for me." He has since expanded his platform to include every other issue that the liberals love (pro-abortion, anti-war, pro-tax, etc.), but his fundraising is purely amateurish.

Hagan could be trouble for the Republicans in a year where nothing should be taken for granted. Dole is nowhere near as safe as George Allen appeared in Virginia in 2006 around this same time, and Hagan is moderate in the same mould as Jim Webb.

I'm certainly not predicting an upset here - especially with a decent money advantage for Dole and Hagan having to burn through funds to win her primary - but it is something that Republicans should watch in a year where the fate of the Senate filibuster could rest on one vote.


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