Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Democratic Challenger Begins Statewide TV Ads in North Carolina

Kay Hagan, a state senator from North Carolina, is going up today with a statewide ad buy to raise her name ID in the crowded five-way tustle for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in the Tar Heel State.

This is good news/bad news for Elizabeth Dole, the Republican incumbent. The good news is that Kay Hagan is about to spend a ton of money in the primary, and it stands to reason that her four competitors in the Democratic primary will probably have to follow suit. (Well, I expect that Jim Neal and Marcus Williams will do so if they have the funds. The others are also-rans of the highest order.)

The bad news is that Kay Hagan apparently has the funds to run TV spots in the primary this far from Election Day. I'm not sure if the Dole campaign is surprised, but I know that I am a bit shocked that there is this much money from Democratic sources looking to target Dole.

I still think Dole is pretty safe, for the record. I just don't want any surprisingly competitive races involving Republican incumbents to syphon off funds from open seats and the like.


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