Thursday, February 14, 2008


"If You're Not For Us, Then You're Against Us"

I thought it was a bit over the top when President Bush seemed to say that dissenting from our involvement in Iraq was akin to supporting terrorism. That, however, does not minimize the reality that there are many Americans of the liberal persuasion that hate our military. It's a fact that the Left won't acknowledge because of the political ramifications, but it is reality.

Here's a video put out by the National Republican Senatorial Committee that shows first hand what these moonbats are doing in Berkeley, California. Marines, Midshipman, Cadets - they should all have our respect for keeping us safe and free. The disrespect that these "protesters" show the Marines in the video is despicable.

This isn't dissent. This isn't protesting. This isn't hating the war but supporting the troops.

This is the Left hating those who serve our country, who may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep America safe.

These people in Berkeley aren't with us, folks. They are against us.

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