Monday, January 28, 2008


Vote Early, Vote Often, and Vote for Fred

As Tennessee Senator Mark Norris and Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey have done, I join in urging all Tennessee conservatives to vote for Fred Thompson in the GOP Primary. Voting concludes next Tuesday, February 5th.

This is not a vote "thrown away," folks. Evidence presented to me over the past several weeks (as with Carl Cameron's post on the subject) leads me to believe that Fred's campaign was an accident, that the idea was to generate some support as a vehicle to having Fred on the ticket as a Vice Presidential nominee. The support was too great, Fred was brought into the race, and the rest is history.

A vote for Fred Thompson sends the message to Governor Romney and Senator McCain that Fred Thompson can bring much to the ticket. If Fred were to break 20% support after withdrawing from the race, the eventual GOP nominee would have to acknowledge that there is real promise in our former U.S. Senator.

This FredHead wants to see Thompson on the ticket - which was apparently the idea in the first place.

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