Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Speeches, Analysis After Clinton Wins New Hampshire

Since I critiqued the Republican speeches earlier tonight, it is only fair that I offer something on Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

I'll let Professor Reynolds handle it, though. His analysis seems right on. However, I want to add that Edwards had the best spin of the night. After immediately stating that Obama had won Iowa and that Clinton had won New Hampshire, he decried,

"Two down, forty eight more to go!"

Yes, John, I know that you were trying to say that there are 48 more chances, taking an optimistic approach. However, to me (and to a few other political friends I spoke to nationally tonight), it sounded like you meant that there were 48 more losses, 48 more public beatings in your future.

Edwards went on to add that only 0.15% of the nation's population had voiced their preference for president. On this, I agree with Edwards. I'll write more in the next coming days, but consider me a convert to a national primary day approach for future presidential elections.

So where do we go from here now that New Hampshire is in the rearview?

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In no way do I agree with any sort of "national" primary-it would be too centralized and not devolved.

Ideally, we would have spread-out caucuses.
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