Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Sad Wednesday


Fred's out. Now I have to lampoon the GOP nominee from the Republican National Convention until Election Day. Not sure which candidate I will be backing during the savaging of the as-not-yet-known moderate GOP nominee, but I'm sure that it will add to my already cramped schedule.

Pearl's Vols lost. Got their butts handed to 'em in the second half by a pathetic Kentucky team. I love what Pearl has done with our program, but I think he might need to look at adjusting the rotation a bit. I've (of course) been to every home game this season, so I have a basis for my opinions. Ryan Childress - who made outstanding progress last year - isn't the same player this year. I'm hopeful that Duke Crews eats into Ryan's minutes when Crews is allowed to play, which would mean both Chism and Crews on the floor at the same time. Chris Lofton needs more minutes, too, as long as he is being aggressive, as we he was during the first half and end of the game last night. If that comes at the expense of JaJuan Smith, so be it. Finally, for every alley-oop that J.P. Prince and Tyler Smith miss instead of just putting the ball in the basket, the whole team needs to run stadium steps. Last night proved that Tennessee isn't in the same class as Memphis (after all, our coach has class) and Kansas. We're still good, and all that matters is peaking at tournament time, but we're not a Top 5 team at this point in time.

The weather sucks. It's 4:00 A.M., and I have no idea if I will be in court today or not. Sevier County Schools are on a 2-hour delay, and there isn't a weather policy on the Sevier County website. Maryville City Schools seem to be on schedule, which is what the Blount County courts follow. Not sure if I can get there, though, since it appears that the streets in my subdivision are still icy.

My elbow hurts. Yes, I made fun of falling yesterday, but I really did land on my elbow yesterday morning. I figured since the Knox County Schools were still on regular schedule that things would be OK. Nope. I don't think my elbow is broken, and I won't be without an X-ray. I guess that's the problem with a high pain tolerance.

Heath Ledger is dead. That sucks. After seeing the trailers, I was really looking forward to seeing Ledger as The Joker in the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Ledger was a very talented actor, and the thought that he died from an overdose is downright depressing.

Just a series of bummers, folks.

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