Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Another One Bites the Dust, or Another Lesson in Listening to the Wife

I've got a strong cold right now, and the VOLConWife told me that I should take the day off and recover. However, I just don't do things like that. I didn't take a whole day off for sickness in all of 2007, and I didn't want to start today by missing the conclusion of depositions in Sevier County.

So I stepped out the door, and then I hit the pavement. Yeah, don't go outside in Knox County this morning if you can help it. I had heard that there were wrecks galore throughout the area, but I figured that it was the usual overblown winter weather precautions. Not this time.

My front steps and sidewalk were a sheet of invisible ice. Files flew, my briefcase flew, but I did not. Luckily, my elbow broke my fall.

I should have listened to my wife - as always.


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