Tuesday, January 08, 2008


New Hampshire Predictions

I don't pretend to know the minds of Granite State Republicans, but here's how I see today's primaries coming out:

1) McCain (by 2.7 points)
2) Romney
3) Huckabee
4) Paul
5) Giuliani

1) Obama (by 9.1 points)
2) Clinton
3) Edwards
4) Richardson

The weather is good in New Hampshire today, so turnout should be fairly good.

Many other pundits are starting to lean to Romney based on his performance in the debates this past weekend. I would love to believe that was true, but that would assume that people watch debates (they don't, especially when playoff football is on) and actually pay attention to such things as debate performance, voting records, endorsements from interest groups, etc.

If my projections come to fruition, both Romney and Clinton are in trouble, having burned through incredible amounts of money while going 0-for-2. Romney would be the first man from Massachusetts to run for POTUS and not win neighboring New Hampshire. Michigan (with its reduced delegate amounts) will probably boost Romney, as his father was Governor of Michigan several decades ago, although it remains to be see whether anyone even notices Michigan this year due to its status as being punished for moving its primary into January.

This should leave no frontrunner for the GOP and one solid frontrunner for the Democrats in Obama. With Duncan Hunter having a decent amount of grassroots organization in South Carolina, I don't see anyone getting out on the GOP side before the results are known in the Palmetto State. We'll see if Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich stay in to see Nevada.

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