Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Fred Thompson on O'Reilly

I caught the 4:00 A.M. replay of Bill O'Reilly Tuesday morning, and it turns out that I was able to view Fred Thompson's first appearance on "The Factor" for this election cycle.

Fred was strong and didn't placate O'Reilly. He refused to recognize Romney and Huckabee as actual conservatives (which they aren't - just read what Gabriel Malor had to write about Huckabee).

It appears that Fred's campaign is back on track. I just hope that it isn't too late, and with no frontrunner for the GOP, it may not be. Rudy Giuliani sure hopes it isn't, as he isn't going to even show up until January 29th in Florida. (For more on Giuliani's strategy, check out this article from today's Washington Times.)

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