Thursday, January 31, 2008


California GOP Debate

There really wasn't much going down in California last night with the debate. Romney (rightfully) called out McCain on the lies that he told regarding Romney wanting a specific timetable for withdrawal in Iraq. (As one who isn't supporting either candidate, I looked over Romney's remarks - he never called for such a timetable. The campaign tactics, however, shouldn't be a surprise. McCain lied through his teeth in the 2000 campaign against Bush, which is why I didn't support McCain because his lies were so blatant, and has proceeded to bear false witness while in the Senate.) That was about the only headline.

News has now broke that the establishment candidate will pick up another endorsement from Governor Schwarzenegger today. The establishment has truly rallied around their RINO.

It's ironic that the debate last night was held in the Reagan Library, because the Republican establishment has turned its back on Reagan conservatism and this general election is going to have Reagan-like results. Only it won't be the Republicans who are celebrating. If the Democrats wise-up and nominate Obama - or just anyone instead of Clinton - then we're talking Mondale numbers, folks.


(So you don't have to look it up, Mondale received 40.6% of the vote.)


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