Thursday, December 20, 2007


Tancredo For Sale?

As expected, Tom Tancredo pulled out of the race for the GOP nomination today. What is shocking was that he endorsed Mitt Romney.

Rob at The College Conservative Voice makes the allegation that Romney bought the endorsement. That certainly could be true, because Romney attempted to buy Rob's (as well as my own) vote at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. He has been known to do such things.

A.C. at Volunteer Voters ponders if Bay Buchanan (yes, the Robin to Pat's Batman) - she of converted Mormon faith and the campaign manager for Tancredo - is to blame.

But money or by cult, it really is confusing. Tancredo has always been about illegal immigration. Why endorse someone with an atrocious record on your pet issue?

The short-term impact is that this could be just enough to push Romney over the top in Iowa. And, yes, it does hurt Fred Thompson.


I think everyone is over analyzing this.
He endorsed Romney because he thinks Romney will be elected President, and Tancredo wants the new President to owe him one so he can advance his agenda when he runs for U.S. Senate.

(I don't think Romney will be elected President, I'm stating why I believe Tancredo did what he did)
Sharon -

Perhaps, but the line of people that Romney will owe for a hypothetical win will be incredibly long. I can't imagine that the payback would be too great. (Now if he had endorsed Huckabee...)

I still think it's telling that Tancredo - the source of all that is immigration reform - sold out. He had the reputation inside the Beltway of having no friends and principles. Guess things change...


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