Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Fred in Iowa

Here is a vlog entry (apparently hosted by a robot at the onset) from Fred's campaign as he winds his way through Iowa:

(If the image isn't working, click the link above to see the video. I'm sure that I must have made some sort of mistake in the embed, as Friend of VOLCon Austin Walne appears to have posted the video on the Fred08 site.)

In addition, here is a great CNN report (whoa - did I just write that?!?!) on Fred Thompson's resurgence in Iowa:

I wonder if Fred's hard work of late might just pick up some new support when Tom Tancredo drops out tomorrow. After all, popular Iowa Representative Steve King is one of Tancredo's best legislative friends in the House, and King's endorsement of Fred could translate into a later endorsement by Tancredo. (No way that Tancredo is endorsing Giuliani, Romney, or Huckabee with their poor records on illegal immigration. Tancredo may not have won over too many hearts and minds in this campaign, but no way he's a sell-out. He was against illegal immigration before being so was cool.)

UPDATE: I just got off of the phone with my father. One thing you need to understand here is that my father is a theoconservative to the n-th degree. He nearly disowned me when I told him that James Dobson's endorsement was for sale. In any case, we usually don't see eye-to-eye on candidates.

My father is supporting Mike Huckabee. Yeah, I know. He has bought into the line that taxes didn't go up under Huckabee in Arkansas, that Huckabee is a friend of homeschoolers, that Huckabee didn't make inappropriate appointments and political pardons as governor, and that Huckabee wasn't miserable on illegal immigration. He even refuses to accept that Huckabee has no shot at beating a Clinton/Obama ticket.

I mention this because my father over the past few years is an accurate barometer of theoconservative thought over the past several years. If he has gone as far as to place a Huckabee sticker on his car - knowing full well that I owe Fred Thompson a great deal for hiring me in 2002 - then he is buying into the bunk that is coming out of the Huckabee campaign. He's also buying into the notion (which is oh-so-last-week) that Fred's done. As an accurate barometer, then I'm sure that many others feel this way, as well.

Don't sleep on Fred, folks. The next 15 days could spurn a surprise, and if Fred runs in the top two in Iowa and then wins South Carolina, he's in it for the long haul.

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I just posted this morning about Fred's demise being last week's phenomenon.

Do you think theological conservatives are being "taken in" by the Huckabee camp?
Dave -

There's a coincidence - I was just linking to your article from this morning in a new post when I received this comment. Great minds...

Yes, quite frankly, I believe that theological conservatives are being drawn in to Huckabee. Quite frankly, I think it has to do with a sense of desperation that has evolved as no one has risen as the savior from the Right to slay the Hildebeast. At first they thought that Fred was their man, but his campaign was initially a disaster and he hung tight to this federalist views instead of placating the masses regarding the Federal Marriage Amendment.

With no one else there to go against Giuliani, they turned to Huckabee, who is pulling a Clinton (or, in new terms, a Romney) as he campaigns as one person and governs as another.

After examining his record, Huck might be a scarier version of GWB. At least GWB did some things right with his appointments. Huck has the track record of doing the opposite.

But some people don't want to see that...


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