Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Chuck Norris Should Endorse Fred Thompson - They're Two Peas from the Same Pod

Yeah, I couldn't resist:

Take one part Fred Thompson, add some Chuck Norris, play to the entrance music of Stone Cold Steve Austin, marinate, and enjoy.

(Hat tip: Volunteer Voters)

MORE: From Instapundit:

"If he's got the guts to run this in Iowa and New Hampshire, he's got my vote . . . ."

EVEN MORE: Really, folks, don't you want to support the butt-kicking candidate, and not the:

Bad dancer?

Mike Huckabee gets it. Just watch this ad:

Notice that he took shots at the cross-dresser, the crazy old man, and the Mormon. Huck didn't dare mess with Fred. He doesn't want that kind of trouble coming down his chimney.

(OK, so the ad's a parody, but even pundits making fun off other candidates know that it's not wise to mess with Fred...)

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