Monday, September 24, 2007


Politicians as Tyrants?

Ron Paul supporter Rick Fisk comments on what he sees as the main reason that Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Gingrich, and Huckabee are running for the White House - they want to run your lives.

It's an interesting take, and probably has some validity (particularly as it pertains to the idea of forced medical insurance). However, this modus operandi by the Paul supporters is getting a bit tiresome as they attack the rest of the candidates in SCUD-missile fashion while portraying Paul as somehow above it all. It's tiresome, and we're still months away from early voting. Ugh.

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So it's Ron Paul 'Supporters' that you have trouble with, not Ron Paul or his ideas?

When the mainstream media ignores a candidate, should his supporters stand in the corner and pout or rise up and show even larger grassroots support for their candidate?

I am not sorry about lambasting the other GOP hopefuls in their attempts to become president.

I do think some of them have a good message, but I won't support a candidate that thinks that 'Doubling Guantanamo' is a good idea, that gun control is necessary, or that nuking Iran is an option that should be left on the table.

Does that mean that Ron Paul is perfect? No, but I am not here to give ammunition to the political pundits on the area's that I or anyone else disagrees with Rep. Paul, that is for all the other campaigns and supporters to reiterate.

But the question is why are their so few supports for those other candidates that don't write about them? Does their candidate not impassion them at all?

The best I can say is there is a political storm brewing. The Dollar has lost much of its purchasing power, oil is at an all time high, our rights and liberties are being attacked daily.

Name one other candidate that has talked about these issues at all?

Nuff said.
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