Wednesday, June 06, 2007


When Shill Blogs Attack

Yes, I am supporting Fred Thompson, my former boss and a man I respect for what he is as much as for what he is not, for President of the United States.

However, if Fred hadn't jumped in the race and I was sullenly looking for a candidate, the recent ridiculous nature of the posts over at Evangelicals for Mitt would be enough to keep me away from the former Governor of Massachusetts. Seriously, folks...

Of course, to label them a blog is a bit of a stretch. They don't allow comments, and, in reading some of their posts (these two - where they write of people and situations they know nothing about - were real classics), it's easy to understand why.

Now some may say that one shouldn't judge a candidate by his supporters. In this case, that is hogwash. First, these aren't just your ordinary political fans. Access is key. Second, you can tell a great deal about a candidate by how his supporters act. After all, we (and I mean conservatives here) often link ridiculous comments by liberal moonbats with the candidate the liberal moonbat supports. In order to remain consistent, we have to do the same for our own end of the political spectrum.

Of course, this, too, shall pass. If Governor Romney keeps running fifth or sixth in debate after debate (which was thought to be his strength but has not been such in the South Carolina and New Hampshire debates), he'll be lucky to see mid-February.

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Yeah, that blog is not a blog. It's a stump for the Romney campaign.

However, I just recently became aware of an attack they made awhile ago against Thompson on the abortion issue that I think has legs. At least, after Thompson declares, I think he will be put under the same scrutiny as Romney and Giuliani. The Libertarian Republican, a bonafide blog, sees Thompson's former/current pro-choice stance as a positive thing.

I don't remember the '94 campaign as I was an 18-year-old freshman living out of state at the time, and my mind was on other things. How do you think Thompson should reconcile that campaign with today's? He seems to be following Giuliani's approach in so far as he says his views haven't changed, but unlike Giuliani he calls himself pro-life instead of pro-choice. Pro-lifers will find this annoying to say the least.
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