Friday, June 15, 2007


House Update

As several people have asked this week about the housing situation, I figure I should give an update.

As posted here earlier this week, we put our house on the market on the evening of Sunday, June 10th. For simplicity's sake, I arranged for the first set of showings for Wednesday evening. Within 72 hours of being on the market, earnest money was given (although I still haven't received the signed contract) by a prospective couple. I am still waiting for the contract to be returned before announcing that the house is officially "sold," but we are headed in that direction. I am still showing the house, though, in the event that the contract falls through.

Thus, I am not going to comment yet on where our new residence will be until everything is finalized with the contract. No need to put the cart before the horse.

Finally, regarding my sister's house (which was also referenced in this post), I understand that it will also be shown this weekend. It appears - as I had been told many times recently - that the housing slump that is effecting the rest of the nation is not cramping the real estate market here in Knoxville.


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