Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hot enough for ya', Rudy?

I guess it shows the forward momentum that Fred has right now, but after the polls released yesterday that show Thompson tied with Giuliani, this cartoon may already be a relic.

(Hat tip: Tennesseans for Thompson)

MORE: What is not a relic is the footage from Fred's appearance on "The Tonight Show" last night. I heard lukewarm reviews before I viewed this, and I don't see what led to those except for hatred for the man. Fred did a great job, and, to tell the truth, Jay Leno did as well with his questioning. (Hat tip: Volunteer Voters)

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I can't wait for Thompson to actually jump in. This race is just going to get more and more interesting. What do think of George Will's suggestion that Thompson is a dot-com bubble: conservatives speculate that he's valuable but under scrutiny the bubble will burst? Personally, I think Will is too smug for his own good, but he may have a point. 17 months from the general election, it is hard to imagine these polls are meaningful, but then again, in about 8 months we'll know who the nominee is. That isn't a lot of time to mount a national campaign for this new national primary. Even if joining the race halts his rising poll numbers, Thompson should still declare his candidacy ASAP.
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