Friday, May 18, 2007



From blogger Karen DeCoster:

"Of course, as Sean (Hannity) told everyone he "wouldn't just stand by," what he meant is that he will gladly cheer on the sons of the middle and poor classes as they die for neocon glory, while he, Sean Hannity, stands by on the air, daily, safe in his luxurious, chauffeured, catered FOX offices with reserved parking, reporting on those glorious heroes who "died for our freedom" while he waits for some undocumented immigrants to come along and pick up his dry cleaning and bring him his bagel and lox."

Yeah, Hannity looked foolish the other night, for sure.

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I can't stand Sean Hannity. I am still waiting for him to serve in this war. He doesn't want to sacrifice his life but he wants everyone else to. Hypocrite!!!
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