Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Guam Reparations Bill Passes in the House

By a vote of 288-133, the Guam Reparations Bill - potentially the first piece of legislation of its kind where a sovereign nation pays for the damage done by another sovereign nation to a third party when those nations are opposing each other in war - passed the House yesterday. (I've posted this week on this horrible piece of legislation here and here.)

By the numbers, you can tell that some RINOs went with the Democrats. However, only two Democrats voted against the bill, so (despite the protestation of some liberals) this was a Democratic bill.

Where did the Tennessee delegation come down on this unjust piece of legislation? As one would expect. The Democrats - Cooper, Gordon, Tanner, Cohen, and even the pseudo-conservative Lincoln Davis - all thought that the U.S. should start paying for the actions of other countries. The Republicans - David Davis, Duncan, Wamp, and Blackburn - all saw the bill for the illogical mess that it was. (For those keeping track, pseudo-conservative and unofficial chairman of the Nancy Pelosi fan club, Heath Shuler, voted for the bill with his fellow Democrats.)

Let's hope the Senate has the sense to deal with actual problems in America - like our energy policy and securing our borders - instead of dealing with this nonsensical issue.

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