Monday, May 07, 2007


Democrats Want America to Pay Reparations for Japan's Actions in WWII

This is the what you can expect from Democratic leadership.

Today, House Democrats are bringing legislation to the floor that will pay reparations to the people of Guam for the actions of Imperial Japan during World War II.

That's right - American taxpayers will cut checks to the people of Guam for atrocities committed by the Japanese.

I can't say this for sure, but this could be the first time in recorded history that a government has seriously considered paying reparations for the actions of another government. It should be noted that thousands of Americans gave their lives to bring said actions to an end.

We shouldn't be paying reparations to those countries that we war with, much less paying for the actions of our enemies.

But should we expect anything less from the Democrats?

You can read the text of the bill here. Take a look at those co-sponsors, too. There are a few members of the Congressional leadership there, yes?

If this is the kind of leadership you want in 2008 and beyond, keep voting Democratic.

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But should we expect anything less from the Democrats?

Democrats like Dan Burton, Elton Gallegly, Jeff Miller, Dennis Rehberg, James Sensenbrenner, and Don Young?
Coco -

Don't forget Conyers.

If the list only had Waxman on it...


Coco -

OK, in all seriousness -

The bill has Democratic roots. It's Hoyer's bill.

I certainly won't defend the 6 RINOs you listed. Maybe they are applying for positions in the Majority?


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