Monday, May 07, 2007


Giuliani on Abortion and Firearms

Here is Rudy Giuliani against abortion but for public funding of it (in a nuanced sort of way).

Here's Rudy in 1989 supporting using your money to fund the killing of the unborn (and blasting the former President Bush for vetoing the Democrats' attempts to federalize taxpayer-supported abortion).

And here's Rudy in 2008 talking about constitutional rights and how the government should fund all constitutional rights for its citizens.

Now that's an interesting concept, Rudy. What about the Second Amendment? You know, the constitutional right that is actually in the Constitution, unlike the right to an abortion or the fictitious right to privacy. Is it your position that the federal government should buy everyone a firearm? You want to give "poor people" abortions. What about guns? Can you find it in your liberal genes to fund that constitutional right?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

So if the unfortunate episode were to play out where Rudy Giuliani is the GOP nominee, please know that my vote will not be with the Republicans for the White House.

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As much as I hate to beat a dead horse, I can't help but wonder why more of the Republican contingent isn't backing Ron Paul.

Everyone else seems to be a few shades away from the small government/Bill of Rights arm of the Republican party.

Are we all really going to let the one issue of Iraq determine this entire country's future?
Kat -

I believe that the general feeling amongst so many Right Republicans is that Ron Paul won't crack 1%. Should electability matter? In a perfect world, no. However, as someone who worked for Alan Keyes back in the day, it sure is nice to be involved in a campaign that doesn't see 5% as its ceiling.

(No offense to Ambassador Keyes, by the way. He would have made a great President.)

Also, I do believe that Fred Thompson is every bit small government. He may not be perfect, but he sure is better off than Rudy McRomney on that front, for sure.


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