Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Conservatives Against Candidates?

By accident, I have found three blogs in a matter of minutes that all seem to be related:

Conservatives Against Rudy
Conservatives Against Romney
Conservatives Against Brownback

Gee, I wonder who the authors might be supporting as their most conservative candidate?

Nevertheless, why Brownback? Sure he's been squishy on immigration, but he's certainly more conservative than Rudy and Romney. Why not "Conservatives Against McCain?" That wouldn't be too hard, would it? Of course, you could shoot fish in a barrel and have "Conservatives Against Bloomberg" if one favors easy prey...


Interesting links. Thanks.

Today' everyone's reporting the Romney leading McCain in the polls. But, I think the real story here is that McCain's numbers are falling, which is more telling of his immigration reform bill and his temper.

I simply don't think any rise in Romney numbers means more votes for him. He was just lucky to be next in line.

Personally, I like Duncan Hunter. Clearly, he is the best conservative candidate. And, I can trust him.
Jeff -

I worry about Romney buying the election, especially with the news that he is basically putting his fundraisers on commission (10% of their individual fundraising goes straight into their pocket). However, that's the only way he stays viable, because his flip-flops have made him toxic on the issues.

As for Duncan Hunter, I admit that he's likeable. However, much like the likeable Ron Paul, I just don't see either winning. The establishment simply will not allow it. (Man, that sounds cynical...)


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