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Buchanan Takes On Giuliani

In his latest column for WorldNetDaily, Pat Buchanan lays out the bottom line on Rudy Giuliani. On the Giuliani campaign's latest decision to take a pro-abort stance:

If true, it marks either the beginning of the end of the Giuliani campaign – or the beginning of the end of the Party of Ronald Reagan.

Strong words, for sure, which Buchanan backs up.

If Rudy were to be nominated as a pro-choice Republican, millions would stay home or vote third party. For it was the life issue that brought them into the party, or kept them there when they disagreed with the party on almost everything else.

Some will undoubtedly criticize Buchanan for this, as CNN polls tend to show the abortion issue as not being as important to voters as short-term issues like Iraq. I'm of the opinion that those polls are inaccurate and fail to connect with the type of voter (especially in the South) that isn't going to vote for nominee Giuliani (or nominee Romney, for that matter) for the main reason being his tried and true support of abortion on demand in this country. I doubt those voters stay home, because they see voting as part of their duty as Americans. However, I could certainly see them supporting a Ron Paul Independent candidacy or a Constitution Party candidate in the general election.

But Buchanan doesn't just see Giuliani's pro-abortion position as troubling. No, Pat lays all of Giuliani's cards on the table:

A Rudy nomination would bring the culture war right down onto the floor of the Republican convention. For Rudy is not only pro-choice on abortion, he has supported affirmative action, favored amnesty for illegals, turned New York into a sanctuary city where the NYPD was forbidden to ask arrestees their immigration status, has championed gay rights and marched in gay pride parades – once not all that far behind the big float of the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

He is thrice married, and he used to bring his main squeeze into Gracie Mansion while still married to the mother of his son. When she threw him out, he was taken in by a couple of gay friends.

Read the whole thing, as Buchanan believes that the longer that Giuliani shows strength in this race, the more this primary season will become about the abortion issue and whether Giuliani will be excommunicated from the Catholic church and denied Holy Communion.
MORE: And the hits just keep on coming. Paul Craig Roberts exposes Giuliani's unethical (and possibly illegal) behavior as a prosecutor that sparked his rise to power. I had read about Giuliani's questionable connections to organized crime during his prosecutions of some of the mob leaders, but I wasn't as aware of his tactics involving Milken and Helmsley.

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What was Rudy thinking with this outfit? I mean, doesn't he know wearing fur is a no-no?
I agree that some pro-lifers may end up supporting a 3rd-party candidate, because I'm becoming more and more convinced that none of the favorites for the GOP nomination are particularly committed pro-lifers. However, I seriously doubt Ron Paul would be the 3rd-party candidate. Based on, Ron Paul gets a 78% rating from National Right to Life... that's hardly anything to get excited about.

But it's better than McCain who gets a 66%, and by my math it's better than Thompson (I can't find a career NRL rating for him but found who voted with NRL 1/3 times in the 107th, 7/9 times in the 106th, and 13/15 times in the 105th for an average of 77%. Thompson gets a C on pro-life issues. When you consider that Thompson supported McCain's presidential bid in 2000 (as I recall NRL refused to endorse McCain) and in '94 he claimed to support legalized abortion in the 1st trimester, I really think you have to conclude that Thompson is not the pro-life savior of the '08 GOP ticket. Red-faced, uncompromising pro-lifers will not be satisfied with him and may vote 3rd-party.

However, how many pro-lifers are really that uncompromising? When faced with the fact that voting 3rd-party would virtually guarantee another Ginsberg on the court when Kennedy moves on (which will happen before '12), I think many pro-lifers will vote for GOPers who they don't completely agree with but who will at least support originalist judges; i.e. GOPers like Thompson and McCain ... and maybe even Giuliani.

Remember the immediate goal is not to scream and shout about the sanctity of life. The point is to overturn Roe, and it will be much easier to overturn Roe as more and more pro-choicers like Giuliani support originalist judges and the de-federalization of the abortion issue. Giuliani could be very important to the pro-life movement if he could help lead the country back to a state-rights stance on abortion. I think he's committed to doing that and is in a better position to do that than McCain/Thompson.
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