Tuesday, April 24, 2007


New Rules

Since I was my normal insomniac self last night, I caught the end of Bill Maher's "New Rules" from his "Real Time" show on HBO. While I won't put the YouTube clip on here for some content, there were a few good jokes.

When speaking against regulations that allow the blind to hunt, Maher said:

"There's a name for someone with no vision that fancies himself a hunter - Mitt Romney."

On Fred Thompson:

"New Rule - Fred Thompson must run for President. I don't know what he stands for and I don't care. I just want to see how all of these social conservatives deal with his hot trophy wife. She's 25 years his junior, dresses like Britney Spears, and every time Thompson sees her, his penis goes (sound clip - the noise from "Law & Order")."

I won't speak for all social conservatives, but I have no problem with Mrs. Thompson. Jeri has worked hard for the cause during her time at the Senate Republican Conference, the RNC, and Verner Liipfert (a D.C. political consulting firm). I feel very comfortable having someone as First Lady who knows the political animal and how this game is played. Jeri will get more exposure due to her beauty, but I doubt that the other candidates want us to focus on their wives (especially McCain and Guiliani).

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