Thursday, April 12, 2007


ETSU Students Vote Down Football

Good for ETSU students in standing up for themselves. The administration wanted the students to take the brunt of additional funding so that the Bucs could once again have football. Alas, the students voted the resolution down by nearly a 20-point margin.

When I was at ETSU, the football teams there represented nothing good about the university - and that was when we were a winning program. It was thuggery at its worst, and my understanding from some of those still in Johnson City is that campus crime has dipped since the football team was disbanded a few years back. Heck, there was a reason that they called Davis Apartments (which was the athletic dorm back in the day) "The Rock."

My readers know I am a tremendous football fan. Well, I attended two games while at ETSU - TWO. Both were homecoming games, and neither conflicted with a UT home game. Yes, even with very little monetary funds at the time, I would have rather paid for a scalped ticket at Neyland than a free ticket at the Mini-Dome. Now that's a bad state of affairs for a penny pincher like myself.

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We were probably up there at the same time. I enjoyed the games, just not the atmosphere. Can you imagine an outdoor stadium in Johnson City in the fall? Maybe for 50,000 people. The mini dome doomed ETSU football. I was very active in campus life. Having no football makes homecoming tough. I hope the Alumni can come up with the start up money and start a clean program. By the way I missed you at the last Rep. Executive Committee Metting. I saw your wife.

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