Wednesday, April 18, 2007


AFA Poll Quite Revealing

I just took a gander at the American Family Association's Internet straw poll. I'm not that surprised that Fred Thompson is winning the poll. What I am surprised about is the margin.

To have a candidate field of 13 and still pull over 38% of the evangelical vote is incredible - especially when second place is held by Newt Gingrich (who, like Thompson, hasn't spent a dime in this race as an official candidate) at just north of 14%.

As I've been telling the RNC for months on end - the Religious Right does not like your slate of actual candidates. This poll, where over 50% of the respondents voted for non-announced candidates in April of the primary run-up, supports that notion.

Of course, I'm not going crazy over any Internet poll. They are what they are. However, it is reassuring that the Fred Thompson movement is well beyond the borders of the Volunteer State.

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