Thursday, February 01, 2007


Tennessee Legislators Trying to crack down on Free Speech?

Admittedly, several of us bloggers knew about the proposed bill in the Tennessee House to start infringing on free speech by adding the presumption of malice to any controversial statement that someone didn't like on the Internet (including, of course, blogs).

Bill Hobbs, Professor Reynolds, ACK (not once, not twice, but thrice), Michael Silence, and others have opined on the foolish bill.

I did some digging yesterday as well, but thought I was in error with my research. How did this all keep coming back to Senator Jamie Woodson? Surely that couldn't be correct, so I had better not put that out on VOLCon because it surely couldn't be true...

Well, I guess it's amazing how quickly I forgot the lessons of the past few days. Let's face it, my fellow conservatives - we've got a bigger problem with the Republicans than we ever thought. Here in Knox County, the past few weeks have reinforced something that I have been formulating for a while - the Democrats may be inept, disorganized, and unfit for office, but the Republicans are nothing more than feudal lords only out for their own personal power and wealth, forsaking all concepts of what it means to be a "public servant," ignoring ethical standards, and willing to sell this nation down the road to Armageddon if it means a few extra dollars lining their pockets and few extra favors in the bank for a rainy day.

So, of course, it could be Jamie Woodson behind the attempts to chill blogger speech. As Jay Bush has pointed out in the comments over at Hobbs, it makes perfect sense. Heck, I was told by staffers on the Ed Bryant campaign last year that I was to either make nice with Woodson after I repeatedly blasted her for supporting Bredesen's Pre-K boondoggle or disassociate from the campaign. I guess you could say that Jamie has not had the best of experiences with blogs.

Now I would count Jamie as a friend in the General Assembly. She is personable, nice, and very intelligent. She has called me on several issues and sometimes just to check in. I do respect that.

However, because of a few instances, she's slowly turning into a Big Orange version of Mitt Romney - the nicest person you will ever meet with claims at conservatism and upholding the rule of law, but if you laid out their record besides a known liberal, it would be hard to tell the difference in certain key areas.

Being Jamie's friend, I hope this is all one big misunderstanding. With shaken faith in Knox County Republicans as of late, I'm not too optimistic that my hopes will be realized.

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