Friday, January 20, 2006


Radio Alert for Saturday Morning

Early risers on Saturday morning (count me as one of them) can catch 2006 Senate candidate Ed Bryant on George Korda's "State Your Case" show on WNOX around 6:30 A.M. (Those who live outside of the area can hear the interview via streaming audio on the WNOX site.) Tennessee Senator Jamie Woodson (formerly Jamie Hagood) will be joining Ed on tomorrow's show.

No word on whether Ed will ask Jamie about people who campaign as conservatives and then vote along with the liberals when it comes to spending the money of Tennesseans everywhere. I'm not sure if Jamie's ready for higher office or if she is ready to be unseated, but I am leaning towards the latter.

Is Bush a conservative? Then perhaps you want someone who spends money like a liberal afterall.

S Carpenter
S. Carpenter -

You raise a good question. Yes, I believe President Bush to be a conservative personally. However, the policies of his Administration have most certainly lacked conservatism - though not really in the way you suggest. If you want to blame spending on someone, look to the Congress. Bush can make requests and recommendations, and, of course, he can veto the entire budget if he wants, but it is the House that drafts the spending bill.

So, is Bush a conservative? Probably. Has he governed like one? No.


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