Monday, December 18, 2006


Romney in Tennessee

Bill Hobbs was there for Mitt Romney's brief trip to Tennessee. As you can tell from my comment at Bill's site, I can't wait to hear "Massachusetts Mitt" try to explain away nearly a decade of liberal politics to a conservative base that is feeling like the slave class that certain Rovian thinkers believe it should be.

The Music City Oracle sees problems for both Romney and McCain as they attempt to redefine themselves as conservatives in spite of their previous actions. MCO has a good analysis, but I think McCain also has other problems, too, one being his attack on the First Amendment. I know that several key people at many of the conservative interest groups (you can assume that one of those would be the NRA) still consider him an enemy of the First Amendment and your right as an American citizen to be involved in the political process.

As well they should.


I wish that more of the public at large would see McCain's support of campaign finance legislation as a threat to the first amendment, but unfortunately, they do not.
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