Monday, August 07, 2006


Is Conrad Burns Cracking Under the Pressure?

Read this account of how Senator Conrad Burns spoke to Virginia firefighters that were trying to keep his entire state from burning to the ground that ran in the (Hampton Roads) Daily Press and judge for yourself.

I have already surmised that the stooge that the Democrats are propping up in the Montana race, John Tester, isn't qualified to lead a middle school JV football team, much less represent the Big Sky Country in the United States Senate.

Burns has a sizable financial advantage, and Montana is strongly Republican. However, he can't afford any missteps like this one. The latest polling (which is over one month old, mind you) shows Tester with a 7-point lead, and candidates with connections to Jack Abramoff (Reed of Georgia, Hilleary of Tennessee) aren't exactly performing well during this election cycle.

It seems that Burns is cracking under the pressure, because no rational human would act this way, much less a United States Senator. If that's the case, he has little chance of catching Tester as the campaign becomes more of a referendum on Burns and less of a choice between the two candidates.

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