Thursday, July 20, 2006


Corker in Trouble!

The signs are there - Bob Corker's campaign knows that trouble has come to town.

First, there was Corker's negative television ad, which made no sense on the heels of his paid-for poll results. For those who haven't seen the ad (which is not playing in several strategic markets such as the Tri-Cities), here it is.

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Professor Robert Swansborough told the Nashville City Paper the following about Corker's negative ads: "Normally if somebody is comfortably ahead, they normally don't resort to negative ads."

Then comes the poll from The University of Tennessee poll released today that shows Ed Bryant within the margin of error, within striking distance.

In another move that smells of desperation today, Bob Corker announced that he was busting the "Millionaire's Amendment," loaning himself $1.74 million to help save his sinking poll numbers.

This level of panic by the Corker campaign coincides with what I have just witnessed in Blount County - a Corker duo planting yard signs on every public right-of-way (in violation of Blount County and City of Maryville ordinances in most cases). This is in contrast to the lack of campaign evidence from the Corker campaign in Knox and Blount Counties - outside of the efforts of Pilot gas station personnel.

Ed-mentum is for real, and it has Bob Corker running scared.

Reports have come to me from the city of Collierville in southeast Shelby County. The GOP and Bryant stonghold has seen its first Bob Corker sign. 1 yard sign has appeared at the main early voting location. No sign of a yard containing one. There has also yet to be a rumor of a Van sign in a yard or right-of-way. I predict 75% of the vote for Bryant in Shelby County outside the Memphis City limits.
Patrick -

I wish I could say the same thing about Knox County, but I can't.

Of course, last night at the Knox Republican Rally, many attendees were heard complaining about the ostentatious flamboyance of Mr. Corker's sign patrol. Too much can be a bad thing.


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