Thursday, July 20, 2006


UT Poll Shows Tight Race Between Bryant, Corker

An 11 point lead with +/- 7% margin of error and 22% of the electorate "undecided."

Normally, I haven't put too much stock in polls and have instead attacked their methodology. I still don't put too much weight on this poll, either, but the results are pretty close to where I think the race is right now.

I was asked yesterday where I think the candidates are running, and I put Corker at 35%, Ed at 30%, and Van at 15%, with 20% undecided. This poll from The University of Tennessee isn't far off of that estimation, with Corker at 37%, Bryant at 26%, and Hilleary at 15%.

Interestingly, I awoke this morning from a dream in which Van Hilleary had dropped out of the race. (Yes, when I do dream, it usually is about political matters.) He is now an undisputed third place in a three-horse race, and his poll numbers will continue to drop. Van did well to weather the storm through the debates, but it has come down to a head-to-head race between false prophet Bob Corker and true conservative Ed Bryant.

It's funny to listen to Corker's commercials on the radio. I was listening to Steve Gill, on the 21st when they had the on air debate. Van and Ed tore him apart like lions to a mouse.

That made up my mind for who I WASN'T going to vote for. I just hope more people realize how phony Corker is.
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I do, as well. That is what these final days of campaigning will be about - making sure that voters know they can vote for a proven product or a phony one.


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