Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Allegations of Sexual Misconduct at Powell High School?

As this story continues to unfold, it seems to get more and more strange.

Now we have an assistant principal, a UT football signee, and the principal of Powell High School in this mess, as well as several unnamed students.

In one sick way, I almost hope there is something to this story, because none of these people will be the same just on the weight of the allegations. Allegations against school personnel are brutal in their long-lasting effects. You can see that here, as Assistant Principal Kim Kallenberg and Principal Diane Psihogios have been placed on administrative leave and will never be assigned to Powell High School again.

Lee Smith, who signed on to play football with UT in February, will probably survive these allegations, as long as he wasn't the recipient of any improper grade changes. As of now, there is no such evidence.

This sort of thing seems to happen too often these days. Just from an initial view (and keeping in mind that it is very early in the development of this story), it doesn't seem to have happened in this case at all.

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