Wednesday, February 01, 2006


UT National Signing Day - Post 6

First, it appears that the report of Goggans to Alabama is rubbish, like most things out of that city. Unfortunately, I am hearing from a source close to the situation that Auburn has burned Phil Fulmer on this one.

Second, lots of LOIs are pouring in. Here are the latest Vols:

UT Commitment #2 - Chad Cunningham

Chad Cunningham (6'3", 210 lbs.) is ranked by Rivals as the #11 kicker in the nation. He previously committed to Purdue University, but an offer by Tennessee changed that. Chad's father, Roy, played OL at UT from 1978-1981, and that influence played a huge role in his decommitment from the Boilermakers.

"My dad went to Tennessee, and I've always grown up as a fan of them, watching their games when I was little and everything. To get the opportunity to continue my career in college playing at Tennessee is a dream come true for me."

Cunningham wanted to play for UT so badly that he has accepted a "greyshirt" from UT. With a greyshirt, Cunningham will not go on scholarship until January, 2007, in a way of spacing out the punters given Britton Colquitt's remaining eligibility.

"That's not a big deal to me. They have Britton (Colquitt) up there right now anyway, and waiting would be the best thing for me anyway."

UT Commitment #3 - Lee Smith

Lee Smith, a 6'6", 245 pound TE, is a local product from Powell, Tennessee, just north of Knoxville. Smith has a nice frame on him that might respond well to added weight, and his attitude as a "banger" makes him useful in many different ways. He has a good set of hands, and Powell looked to him often near the goal line. Like Cunningham, Lee Smith's father, Darryl, is a former UT player who spent some time in the NFL. Smith's coach reiterates some of Smith's strengths:

"He's very athletic and strong for a player his size, especially with those long arms of his. He benches up over 300 pounds and has great hands both in the receiving game and in his blocking schemes. He also uses his hands well on defense."

UT Commitment #4 - Luke Stocker

Luke Stocker is another tall TE, measuring 6'6" and 220 pounds. I saw Stocker at the Georgia game, and he certainly cuts an imposing figure. I'm just not sure where UT is going to put him on the field. The competition at TE for UT is getting fierce, and Stocker is one of the smaller ones UT has. He played some fullback in high school in Kentucky, and that is certainly one possibility. Not to be negative on a great athlete, but Stocker looks a lot like Justin Reed coming out of high school. I hope that I am wrong and that Stocker leaves more of a mark than Reed did, but I am just a bit undecided on where he is going to end up on the field.

More to come...

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