Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Shots Across the Bow

Rich Hailey, the blogger for Shots Across the Bow, is taking no prisoners this week. Monday, he took on the Republicans. Yesterday, he gave the Democrats both barrels. Who will be the next target of his wrath?

I met Rich this past weekend at Michael Silence's soiree, at which several local bloggers attended. In talking with him, I thought him to be more conservative than his profile indicates. Perhaps that was in relation to SayUncle, whose ultra-libertarianism I simply cannot understand, as I don't see the good in threatening to burn the American flag if it is outlawed, not voting, refusing to recognize that one can be a "conservative" and still not be a "Republican," and pushing special homosexual rights, but that's just me.

In any case, Rich talked the talk of a real conservative. One statement that I would take issue with is his mulling over voting for Democratic Senator Barack Obama. Don't be fooled, Rich. Obama's record is as conservative as my basketball prowess is legendary. I agree that the Republicans are bearing away from conservative principles, but the facts show that it isn't time to drink the Obama Kool-Aid. That's almost as bad as voting Libertarian - a party that has no chance at reforming itself because the tenets of its platform are too far afield of mainstream America.

Overall, though, I feel Rich's pain. We conservatives have had our teeth kicked in throughout 2005 - by the courts, the Congress, state governors, and the Bush Administration. We need to vent some frustration, and it appears that Rich is doing just that.

I have responded to what I feel is your misunderstanding of my ultra-libertarianism here.


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