Friday, June 10, 2005


Friday Blog Rodeo

OK, since I am a bit burnt out (or, as I used to say in England, nackered) from a tough week, I thought I might spend some time looking at what my blogging brethren are writing.

** On the Supreme Court Nomination Blog (a sister site of SCOTUSblog), the notion seems to be that those potential Supreme Court nominees that have undergone a recent FBI background check have a leg up on the competition, which favors Judge John Roberts and Judge Michael McConnell. I would certainly hope that a new background check would not be a hindrance for other candidates, but I certainly see their point.

** Michael Silence asks where the Tennessee Democrats are in the Blogosphere. It's an honor to be listed with Bill Hobbs, Blake Wylie, Matt White, Adam Groves, Mark Rose, and B4B, and I think Michael has a point in that we are not challenged at the current time. Perhaps that is because of the problems I wrote about Wednesday, with the disorganization of the party including their Internet presence. Harold Ford, Jr., seems to admit as much in today's L.A. Times. (Hat Tip: Blogging for Bryant.) Also, maybe liberal bloggers don't want competition that is well-funded and well-organized - the various outlets of mainstream media in Tennessee.

However, I disagree with Michael on one point. At the risk of perturbing him, I reject the notion that conservative bloggers are "causing rapid dissemination of ... political spin." I can only speak for myself, but I am not spinning. I dish it out to both parties (as I have been told lately, I have been too focused on bashing the GOP, but such is life). I receive no marching orders and have no organized agenda. This is more steam of consciousness than organized vast right wing conspiracy.

** Also worth noting on No Silence Here is his connection of Ford, Jr. and 3 local politicians to a story in the Washington Post declaring that baby-faced politicians are "out." Sounds fine by me. I've never been accused of having a baby face, so let those who have one reap the whirlwind. (Kidding, of course.)

** Bill Hobbs has an excellent analysis of how Bredesen is playing to the ethics crisis by grandstanding on the issue. I have agreed that that there is no need for a special session.

** Blake Wylie really outdid himself with this incredible bit of digging into Harold Ford, Jr.'s past. I keep hearing from laymen that Junior has always distanced himself from his corrupt uncle and father. Blake shows why "the apple doesn't fall from the tree" argument is going to be substantiated. Man, I would hate to be working on Junior's campaign, because they are going to face their candidate's past every day in 2006. It's hard to have any vision for the future when all you are doing is burying the skeletons from the past. (More on this from Bill Hobbs, Blogging for Bryant, Glen Dean, and Adam Groves.)

** Blogging for Bryant, Blake Wylie, and Glen Dean have great recaps (with pictures) of the Anti-Illegal Immigrant rally in Nashville yesterday evening. I wish I could have stayed for the rally, but my return to KnoxVegas was needed.

** Glen Dean covers William Pryor's Senate confirmation to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. I plan to post more on this subject later, and my views may surprise many readers.

** RedState is doing their best to make Harold Ford, Jr., sound like a mislabeled Republican. Based on the past month, I am starting to wonder if the guys at RedState really are friends of conservatives or liberals planted to lead the GOP to the Left. (Another Hat Tip: Blogging for Bryant.) Also (and I made this clear to Hannity in an e-mail yesterday), why keep piling on Howard Dean? Keep it up and he'll be replaced. Is that what someone loyal to the GOP and/or conservatives would want? Like I said, Howard Dean is good for Republicans.

** Matt White proposes an elected Attorney General for the State of Tennessee. Matt is also lobbying for a better information system for tracking Tennessee legislation, much like the one created by the Mackinac Center in Michigan. Anyone who has tried to look up bill details on the horrid General Assembly site knows that this is badly needed. Amen on both counts, Matt!

** John Brown, Representative Stacey Campfield, Blogging for Bryant, Doc B and TeamGOP are all talking about the GOP nominee for the Governor's Mansion. Beth Harwell's name is sure coming up often these days. As I posted earlier, it is in her best political interests to take this advice.

** Adam Groves reports that the Hamilton County Democratic Party is now blogging, as well as the Knox County GOP. Meanwhile, TeamGOP has found "SpongeBob" Corker's new blog. Ur... maybe not.

** Finally, The Undecided Philosopher waxes about his impending arrival at - GULP! - the big 3-0. My advice to Ben - embrace 29 next Monday. I think it's a great age. In fact, I plan to be there for at least 5 years (after that, I will be approaching 35 and can run for this). Cheer up, Ben. You could be turning 41. (Sorry, Bill, but I couldn't resist. :)

OK, now I'm tired again...

Dont't worry Rob, I will be enjoying Monday, but don't forget....when I hit 30, I will bring you down with me just a few short weeks later...we all have to fall down that hill sooner or later.
Ben -

No way, man. We can surely agree that I have never acted my age. Appearances aside, I think I am a perpetual 23 year-old.


You got me curious about what your comments concerning the Pryor nomination. Email me when you post something. Thanks Rob.
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