Wednesday, June 08, 2005


As the Democratic Party comes crashing down

On the state level, Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party Randy Button has resigned his position. TeamGOP doesn't blame him, asking:

"Why sink on the Titanic when you already know the iceberg is coming?"

I don't blame Randy, either. We may not be able to agree on the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I at least respect Button for his efforts in trying to hold a party together that has no grasp of reality and no plan for the future. On the heels of the resignations of the Davidson County Democratic Party Chairman (child porn allegations) and Shelby County Democratic Party Chairwoman (indicted under the federal Hobbs Act), one has to wonder who wants to pilot this "Spruce Goose." Blogging for Bryant says Bob Tuke.

On the national level, Howard Dean is off his medication again. Everyone is commenting on his rant, but few are reproducing it in its context. Glen Dean has a link to the audio. A snippet from Instapundit:

"Many Republicans probably voted for George Bush dozens, if not hundreds, of times in 2004, by taking advantage of the fact that Democrat poll workers have difficulty distinguishing individuals from among a crowd of white Christians. Thanks to their pale skin, round eyes and khaki trousers, Republicans just blend in. So they vote, get in the back of the line and vote again. And because they've never made an honest living in their lives, they could do that all day long."

You have to read the whole thing to get the full effect. According to Scott Orr, the DNC is downplaying Dean's latest cry for help by saying that:

"Chairman Dean intended his offensive remarks to be heard only by party loyalists, not the general public."

You've got to admit - that is funny. Dean insults Republicans by claiming that they are committing voter fraud because we all look alike. The DNC then insults Democrats by saying that they are the desired audience for Dean's version of political Tourette's Syndrome. Beautiful. Dean also reached out to San Francisco residents:

"It's always a pleasure to come to San Francisco because I don't look so liberal when I come to San Francisco.''

Yeah, but you still look crazy, even in a city where the mayor thinks that he's emperor and the football team thinks this is acceptable as diversity training.

GOP op Jon Fleischman:

"Where do I sign up on a committee to keep Howard Dean? He's the best thing to happen to the GOP in ages.''

That might be a bit of an overstatement - for all of my criticism of the GOP on this site, great things have come from this party in my lifetime - but it does reinforce that the GOP can do nothing but benefit from Howard Dean as DNC Chair. And the Dems thought Terry McAwful was bad for their party...

UPDATE: A few other tidbits of Democratic pride...

Blogging for Bryant has coverage of Harold Ford, Jr.'s Congressional ethics violations and the Ford office's weak response. C'mon, Junior. I want to know what benefit the people of Memphis received from your trips to Chicago, the Virgin Islands, Martha's Vineyard, and (especially) Miami.

Of course, coming clean might not be in the Ford bloodline. Harold Ford, Jr.'s uncle, former Tennessee Senator John Ford, entered a "not guilty" plea today in federal court, saying it was the "villains" in the FBI that made him take that bribe - on tape - and recite dialogue that would be best repeated on "The Sopranos." Why am I not surprised that Ford wouldn't take a guilty plea and instead chose to drain more taxpayer funds through a lengthy criminal trial? Hopefully, Senator Randy McNally will receive favorable news from Attorney General Paul Summers so that those indicted in "Tennessee Waltz" won't be able to pray on the state treasury for years to come.

Great site!
I never thought I would say this, and it may sink any political career for me in the future, but you are absolutely correct. The TN DC is falling apart at the seams like a par of 80 year old dockers. The chairman is not the only one looking overboard for a friendly passing ship. Concerning Dr. Dean, the man is off more than his medication. I honestly think he took the Supreme Court decision on Federal drug laws to heart and decided to get as much in as possible before the decision could be enforced. Considering how fragmented and fragile the DNC is at this point in history, they could have chosen no worse a leader and spokesman. Heck, a sexual predator/adulterer could do a better job...(enter Bill Clinton)
Ben -

Your comments won't sink your political career, but the picture of you blowing bubbles just might. :)

In all seriousness, the Democrats need a voice like yours right now. It might not be popular to go against the party leadership at this time, but the person who leads this party out of the wilderness - both on the state level and on the national level - will be changing the direction of the Democratic Party for years to come.

And if the Democrats don't listen to you, there is always room for a person of your passion and intellect on the other side of the aisle. :)


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