Monday, March 24, 2008


Returning to the Blogosphere

Sorry, folks, but I needed some time off for a few weeks to tend to several outstanding issues, including:

I've been busy, just not with blogging. Of course, I wondered if I even needed to come back after the unfortunate demise of Volunteer Voters. After underwent its facelift several years ago, VV at first filled a void, and then expanded as the functional clearinghouse of blogging information for Tennessee. It will be interesting to see if something else fills the void left by VV, or if we will have to work even harder as bloggers to remain connected as a statewide community.

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Okay, Rob, you have me intrigued. What widespread corruption in the Knox County Republican party? Is this something that needs to be publicly reported?
You also have me intrigued, as a former foster parent who has been blackballed by Tennessee DCS. There are MANY problems with the system, not the least of which is being human toward these kids and their families. Would love to discuss a possible lawsuit with you, as we are thinking of suing to get our license back.
My parents used to keep foster children when I was growing up. We had around 20 different kids in a 6-year span, so there was a lot of dealings with DHS. It's a shame that something that is supposed to be helping families seems to do the opposite in many cases.

As for NASCAR: I went to a night race at Bristol about 10-years ago. What a wild and crazy atmosphere. I much more prefer watching it on television. The race this year seemed a little boring with the new pavement and everyone going 3 wide.
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