Saturday, March 01, 2008


Headin' to NashVegas

Rarely do the activities of the Republican State Executive Committee make news. I thought that they might with Saturday's meeting, as elected SEC members will be settling the race for National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. If there's more than one announced candidate for National Committeewoman, I don't know about it. There is certainly an interesting race for National Committeeman, though, as incumbent Van Hilleary is being challenged by Shelby County SEC member John Ryder. From the several SEC members to whom I have spoken, I expect a close race. Ryder started campaigning early, and Van has come on as of late. I wouldn't be too surprised if this race comes down to a couple of votes either way.

There is also speculation that there may be staff changes due to the recent Obama flap that caused John McCain to notice that Tennessee still exists. I wouldn't hold your breath. Short of Bill Hobbs just saying that he didn't want this kind of grief anymore and resigning, I wouldn't expect any changes. I highly doubt that would be Hobbs' reaction, because I know how badly he wanted this position with the Tennessee GOP. Plus, while the press release was a bit strong, it obviously wasn't that strong because no one reacted for several days afterwards. If anything, this whole mess is the product of a news cycle that was vacant (partly due to no major primaries this week) and needed some space filler.

Here's my prediction: I bet that as Leo and myself make our way around the various meetings and hobnob with the usual suspects that no one mentions the desire to have Robin Smith, Bill Hobbs, or any of the other party officers or staff resign.

I'll try to report on any interesting occurrences (as well as post on last weekend's Jefferson County Lincoln Day - I know that I'm behind, folks) when we return from Nashville.

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