Wednesday, December 19, 2007


An Example of Paul's Kooks, and More on Huckabee

Yesterday, I referred to the "kook" element that has infiltrated Ron Paul's supporters. Today, a case in point landed in my Inbox.

A Ron Paul supporter e-mailed a link to a column that criticizes Mike Huckabee and his alleged support of homeschooling. The column is an excellent example of some of the strange support Paul has - in this case, from what can only be called a religious fundamentalist.

The column speaks for itself. The nugget of truth - that Huckabee is no friend of homeschoolers as shown by his record of restricting homeschooling as Governor of Arkansas - is a misguided criticism. Shouldn't the real question here by why the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) - an organization which is affiliated with the Alliance Defense Fund, of which I am connected due to my status as a Blackstone Fellow - endorsed Huckabee? Quite frankly, outside of Giuliani, I'm not sure that HSLDA could have picked a worse GOP candidate. I have looked for some defense of the HSLDA endorsement, but I have yet to find one.

There are some interesting factoids in the column, but it's hard to get past the author's damnations of Huckabee for using the word "gosh" and his involvement in a - gasp! - rock and roll band("not a gospel music band"). There's plenty to criticize Huckabee regarding his record. These complaints just add more fruitcake to this Christmas season.

In any case, I thought it interesting to note that not all of Paul's "kooks" are from the groups I recalled yesterday.

Of course, if Giuliani, McCain, or Romney were to grab the nomination, I will likely be standing side-by-side with all of Paul's supporters - kooks and non-kooks alike - as I campaign for the Texas doctor to be elected to the White House in his inevitable independent or third-party candidacy.

MORE: It seems that the homeschooling issue is starting to pick up steam - at least as it relates to the HSLDA endorsement of Huckabee. Buried Treasure Books rips Huckabee, but in an intellectual way. It is hard to see how the statist National Education Association can be offering a chapter endorsement of a candidate that has already been endorsed by the Home School Legal Defense Association. It would be like the Brady Campaign and the NRA endorsing the same candidate, wouldn't it?

EVEN MORE: Nathan Moore, Esq., that is. Nathan throws more water on Huckabee.

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